Due to the multiple storms we have been enduring, and the significant snowfall totals in the region, please do the following: Check the exhaust vents of your heating systems, and that of your neighbors. If everyone who reads this does so, who knows if together we just might save your family or a neighbor from a very dangerous situation, should last night’s, or the next heavy snowfall be the one that starts to back-up dangerous, deadly gasses into your – or someone’s home.

If you do not have plenty of clearance, and you are not able to move the snow yourself because you are elderly, frail, sick, maybe you just had surgery, whatever the situation may be: Call our office, say that you read this blog, and we will help you get the help that you need to make your – or your neighbors property safe. The author of this blog commits to helping you! We want each and every one of you, to be safe in our delightful Lakes Region area for a long time. That said, this certainly has been the season for record snowfall and unseasonably cold temperatures. I had a friend who went night skiing at Shawnee Peak last week who raved about the amazing conditions and how much fun it was to get a good workout for a couple of hours, as long as you dress for the cold. I could not doubt him, because his wife posted a short video of him online, proving that he can still ski the bumps! The Maine Lakes Region has a lot to offer. We choose to live and work here for many great reasons. If you want a dream lakefront year-round property, or you just want to upgrade your current home, call us for all of your Real Estate needs. Thank you, and make it a safe week.