The most successful people and businesses demonstrate similar habits and best practices when it comes to achieving goals. One of the most important similarities is self-honesty. This is all about setting reasonable goals and having metrics in place to keep track of progress towards success.

There is much research on this subject and the numbers show that 40% of Americans make New Years resolutions on average each year, and of those 40% – on average – 92% will fail, and will not reach their resolutions – with only 8% reaching their goals and able to call their resolutions a success.


Here is how they do it..

Making and understanding Bucket Lists are a proven and effective method of highly successful individuals, and knowing not to approach New Years Resolutions in this way, also matters. Those 8% who will claim success in 2016 have this methodology in common: They approach a specific problem or improvement by setting an achievable goal. Please remember this fact: The average person has so many competing priorities that the “Bucket List” type of approach to reaching New Years Resolutions is usually doomed to failure. Essentially, shooting for the moon can be so psychologically daunting, you end up failing to launch, in the first place. Pick ONE thing on your bucket list, evaluate an achievable goal, set reasonable timeframes, checks and balances, and allow for a small, certain amount of ‘slippage’ along the way. For many individuals, a common goal is to lose weight. Another of the most popular common goals, is simply to eat better and healthier. Consistently those who are successful – those in the 8% – set up tracking and documenting results at least daily – if not multiple times a day – and always doing so first thing in the morning is a proven method towards greater success. Seek great tools like “My Fitness Pal” to bring great self awareness as to “The calories in things”.  Logging your actual weight on the scale daily as opposed to weekly, takes very little time and yet can be extremely motivating as to the rewards and pitfalls of our average day.
So this year, keep your resolution list short. Make your goals attainable. It is often not the extent of the change that matters, but more the lifestyle change that results in your success that will matter most. Here’s an important fact to remember: there are just as many good habits, as bad habits!
Everyone here at Anne Plummer & Associates wishes you and yours, a safe, and Happy New Year.. And much good fortune towards your goals!