This year and this week marks an event which hasn’t occurred for nearly 70 years. The summer solstice falls on June 20, Monday, at 6:34pm EDT, and summer officially begins at that moment. This is for us here in the northern hemisphere, the day with the longest light – and shortest night – of the year. However this year the day and evening is marked with a rare full moon, on the same date! And this Monday is not to be confused with Midsummer day – typically June 24 and also this week – which marks exactly the halfway point in the annual growing season.
Do not forget that Father’s Day falls on the day just before our Summer solstice this year, this Sunday June 19th.  Here in the main Lakes region Father’s Day weekend marks not only the beginning of summer, but one of the largest events here in Naples Maine: The annual Blues Festival always falls on Father’s Day weekend. Here is a convenient link to see all of the events and performances:

Now that the weather is really improving temperature-wise, it got me thinking of outdoor events that I look forward to each year, which involves finding a very dark spot with full view of the sky, letting your eyes really adjust to low or no light – which can take up to 30 minutes and be ruined for another 30 minutes simply by the light of a cell phone – and during meteor shower’s you will see many more shooting stars as many are faint yet wonderful. We have some time to prepare, and if you want to mark your calendar’s the best nights this summer and into the fall will be July 28-29, evenings and early mornings of August 11-12, and then bundle up if you like 3 times in November: 4-5, 11-12, and the likely best that month on the 16th and 17th.
Get out and enjoy everything that the Maine Lakes region has to offer, and from everyone here, make sure that you do not drink and drive, and also speak up and make sure that others, are also safe!
Make it a great week!