Here in our great Maine Lakes Region, everyone here at Maine Real Estate Choice and our neighbors and friends know how blessed we are to have the opportunity to live in this wonderful place year-round, and there are many facilities here in the region that flourish this time of year – we mentioned the many day and overnight camps in the area – and there is one special camp that we want to make everyone aware of, that does fantastic work for children and their families in need: Camp Sunshine. Located right here on Sebago Lake, there are two upcoming events we would like to mention at this time because they both take place in a few weeks on August 12th, to help the camp with its mission to assist those families with children who are affected with a Cancer diagnosis. There is the 24th annual ride that starts just north of here for those of you who enjoy vehicles will less than 4 wheels! Here is the link and information for you:

And getting your tickets early to the ride gives you the opportunity to secure a destination room if you wish as this event almost always sells-out room capacity, and everything goes to a great cause. The very same day for those who prefer 4 wheel travel, you and your family can take a very short drive to Freeport to the L.L.Bean Campus for this event:

where the streets of Freeport and the L.L.Bean Campus will be transformed into Watermelon Central! Starting late in the morning about 11:00am through to 4:00pm there are many events schedule with live music to enjoy, providing another opportunity to support a great asset in our region, and the many families that Camp Sunshine serves with their programs and great cause towards the positive, when families are confronted with the unthinkable.  Thank you for your support in advance.

If you know of anyone who has any thoughts as to questioning what their land, home, and property might value in today’s marketplace, even if they or you are not necessarily “ready to sell” at this time, we would appreciate the opportunity with no cost, no obligation, and zero pressure from us, help you fully understand the value you may have in your current situation. It is surprising how often just asking the question Am I in the ideal situation for me at this moment, can prompt great things for you and your family. Give us a call today, and it is our pleasure to discuss anything that you would like to, regarding any of you real estate needs.

We appreciate any and all of your support for the many worthwhile local events in our region.  Get out and enjoy summer!