As we start to feel in the new crisp evening air and the upcoming fall season more and more each day, what better time to talk about Fall Events here in the Maine Lakes Region, while enjoying the amazing stretch of beautiful weather we’ve been blessed with this year. When I think about Fall, I think of Mums and Pumpkins displayed on the porch – those are showing up everywhere now – and about visits to the Halloween Store to pick out fun costumes, and about attending area Agricultural Fairs. The Fair circuit has been making it’s way south, and another big regional Fair starts this upcoming week: The Cumberland Fair, representing our county. Cumberland County has the deepest and second largest body of water in the state, our Sebago Lake, which supplies drinking water to most of the county. The county is the economic and industrial center of the state of Maine, including the resources of the Port of Portland, and was founded in 1760 from a portion of York County, Massachusetts, named from William, Duke of Cumberland, who was a son of King George II. The Cumberland Fair, billed as “Maine’s Family Fair” starts this Sunday the 27th and runs through Oct 3rd. For all of the Fair details this year – and every year – go here:

And don’t forget, see two blogs previous for details to this Saturday’s – Sept. 26th – for this year’s Maine Lakes Brew Fest on the grounds of Point Sebago just off Route 302.

It is a special time of year here in the region, as the many waterfront, lakefront, and seasonal property owners start to prepare for the upcoming Fall and Winter. If you are one of the many who are considering upgrading your property to something different, please give us a call simply to meet and discuss your thoughts and needs. We pride ourselves on listening to our sellers – and our buyers – carefully, to best understand your needs and desires so that we can meet, and hopefully exceed them!

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Enjoy the week!