In thinking about this weeks blog, there is another winter storm bearing down on us that seems like it is going to have significant teeth for the first half of this weekend in our region, Friday night through the first day of April into Saturday night per prediction. As the chosen title of this blog suggests, instead of expressing personal feelings about the delightful weather this season, and how this month maybe one of the coldest months of March ever on record.. let’s take a collective “deep breath”.
The value in doing so, has more than one real benefit. It forces the individual about to speak – or in my case, the one about to write – to momentarily gather ones thoughts, and not just ‘blurt out’ the first thing that come to mind. This has value in both not speaking hastily, and, it allows you to choose your words in such a way that with any grace you can get your point across respectfully and thoughtfully.
Let’s face it. What looks like another significant snowstorm is definitely late at best this season – most everyone that I have talked to has “had enough” – and I will mention the positive reality that whatever happens, due to the strength of the sun this time of year, it should not last long whatever happens despite the more than 12″ accumulation prediction.
And no matter how many people that you know – or maybe even you – are taking a deep breath on the reality that is the weather here in our great Maine Lakes Region right now, as March turns to April, the very good thing to remember is, that this weather too shall pass.
Also remember that this is a great time to call us to look at properties, prior to foliage coming out!
Make it a great week!!