With this weekend upon us, we have only ten more days remaining and January 2017 will be behind us. I agree with other motivated people that this time of making and working New Year’s Resolutions, that a goal has to include written actions and a clear, manageable plan. Statistically less than 10% of Americans say that they “Achieved Their New Year’s Resolution” when asked later in the year. Why? Too many people do not “Plan their work, and work their plan”. Anything worth doing, is worth doing right. The fact is, that each of us are the direct results of our actions. A very wise individual told me once to never forget, that inaction, is absolutely an action, of choice.
Everyone here at Anne Plummer & Associates understands the value of setting goals, personally and professionally, and working towards meeting and exceeding those goals. Wanting to be as “plugged-in” to our area and community as possible, we are now posing this weekly website blog also onto our Facebook Page in addition to here:


and if you have Facebook, we would appreciate you typing Anne Plummer & Associates in the address bar, clicking on our company Facebook page, liking us, and interacting with us there! We have recently exceeded 1000 likes to our page, and we thank you for that. Keep them coming!

You may notice if you go there or are there now, something that sets us apart from other organizations: we do not filter out less that desirable viewpoints unless there is unsociable language which is a function of FB, and we do not edit nor alter posted comments – excellent or less than favorable – for instance to correct errors in spelling or to alter comments “to be more in our favor” made by the community. The fact is, we welcome all feedback because that is the best and quickest way we know how to grow, learn, adapt, and best serve you. For instance a recent post demonstrated a clear direction to not ever assume a buyer or a seller is 100% clear on who has what responsibilities. When entering into an agreement to have our dedicated team sell your property, it matters a lot to everyone on our team as to mutually being clear “who is responsible for what”. For instance, if you as the homeowner wish to choose to transfer your responsibility to maintain your property for such items as grounds maintenance, grass mowing, winter plowing and snow cleanup including winter roof snow removal, this needs to be clearly and mutually understood in advance and factored-in to what should be done by whom, for a mutually satisfying relationship. We want to earn your business, and clear mutual expectations matters as to who should do what, when, and why, as to staging and showing your property. We are pleased to make the best arrangements for you the customer, at all times, and that includes working-out all arrangements and responsibilities for the best mutual experience and success possible. As mentioned when discussing the best way to attack any goal, clear action steps matter, as a goal without a plan is just a hope.

What can you write down today, to take advantage of the remaining ten days of January, 2017?

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