Where to begin? I cannot speak highly enough about Deb Hamilton, both as an agent and as an individual.  I cannot imagine having worked with anyone else. Even though I only considered one property (which I ultimately purchased), from the broker experiences that I have witnessed (doing the bare minimum to make a sale), I know just how lucky I am to have found Deb. She was my advocate and ally, and without her, I truly would have never purchased this farm. Not only is she genuine and approachable, but Deb’s work ethic, integrity, ability to see and create opportunities forward where others might only see the end of the road (myself included, at times), come across loud and clear at all points during the process. From the moment we first spoke, to the day of the closing 3 months later, she was in my court – working with me every step of the way to move the ball forward. She took time to understand me, my wishes, anxieties, and explore any impediments to the property purchase – and there were a few big ones! Deb is polished, a superb communicator, negotiator, and connector, but she also doesn’t hesitate to roll up her sleeves, put on muck boots, and get right in the trenches (or, in my case, the chicken barn and dirt basement), helping to explore and properly understand the property. Having grown up on a farm and still farming a bit, Deb’s understanding of the unique challenges of an older property and its buildings and structures, gave me great peace of mind. If I had questions and she didn’t have answers, she hopped on the phone and found the people who did. Also, as a current business owner with a history in banking, Deb had unique financial insights into the mortgage and insurance processes. She was able to answer questions for the lender and insurance broker that I couldn’t have possibly known and explore potential income topics with me as I look to restore the farm. In short, Deb is an asset – one that any potential home buyer would be lucky to have as their guide. If you are looking for someone with deep knowledge of the area and industry, someone who approaches the field differently – with empathy, patience, and diligence – Deb is it.