Susan is a great hire! She has rented my Sebago lake home for over 10 years and I couldn’t be happier. What is she good at doing? She is terrific at vetting potential renters- she is very thorough regarding this vital matter. Susan is very efficient and precise in her communications. She provides excellent advice when asked – or even when I don’t ask. She keeps her eagle-eye out regarding how the renters are treating my property. Susan is extremely professional with everything she does with the rentals. There have been so many times when she has gone above, and beyond what one would expect. She takes her tasks very, very seriously and is an excellent problem-solver. If Susan worked for Burger King, I would buy hamburgers there-that is how good and impressive she is. My family adores and respects her. Susan is completely trustworthy. I recommend Susan without any reservation. I am so happy that now she will also be selling homes. She knows the area so well and will be highly successful – that’s my bet!