As my wife and I approached our third year of needing to find a home to rent from early fall through early spring, we were getting a little anxious about finding the right home for us and our large dog. The first two years we did it on our own through online websites, and the results were not ideal. The first year ended up being a house that just felt cold all the time, and the second year the neighbors left their dog outside most of the day, and he was a dog that liked to bark nonstop. Fortunately for us, the third year we were introduced to Susan, who took all the stress and unknowns out of searching for a rental. She immediately found us multiple rentals that were available in the area we were looking, and we were very impressed with her detailed knowledge of each property. Susan is extremely thorough, pays close attention to detail, an excellent communicator, very professional, and has a great sense of humor as well. Whether you are trying to find a home to rent, or if you are a homeowner trying to find trustworthy renters, Susan comes with our highest recommendation!