This Second week of July is upon us, and has new things to report here in the area along with the traditional Maine Lakes Region summer fun and events that we expect.

One unexpected event last Saturday had 5 confirmed tornados in our region including what takes place when a tornado hits one of our lakes as this Sebago Lake picture shows the distinct and dangerous waterspout:








This is a very rare occurrence with Maine rarely having tornadoes actually touch down.  Many blessing that other than some localized property damage, no lives were lost and the impacts were much more minor than they could have been.

This Week, the many seasonal summer camps are now running in full force as Maine Summer Camp season is upon us. Here is the impact of this industry in our region based on a recent Portland Newspaper release:

Report: Maine camps generate $332M for economy
Maine’s 330 summer camps employ 500 full-time and 10,500 seasonal workers. Summer camps generate a total economic impact of $332 million, including payroll, benefits and goods and services bought by the camps that range from bug spray to fuel to food. A ten year old study also found that the economic impact of the summer camp industry to be about 90 percent of Maine’s boatbuilding sector, about 40 percent as big as the value of the annual lobster landings, and about 34 percent as large as the state’s commercial logging sector.

Some of the elite, top camps share a website:

If you search Maine Camps on Facebook, you have great presence there including this site featuring over 100 options:

We again welcome staff and campers families alike to contact us, if you would like to own your own spot of heaven here in the region!

This weekend the band playing at Brays Brew Pub in Naples on the Brays Website are advertising this week that they are playing at Gary’s Olde Town Tavern so it looks like changes will be coming if you look here:

And there appears to be a very new Facebook Page with this logo:

IMG_0662So changes appear to be here with more to learn about this long-time Maine Lakes Region establishment.

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