I live in Cape Monday Cove and, as I looked out from my deck this week, I was so happy to see that the ice houses are on Long Lake. This is a clear indication that the ice is finally safe to walk on.

Long Lake is open to fishing for:

Landlocked salmon, Lake trout (togue), Brook trout, Brown trout, Smallmouth bass, Largemouth bass, White perch, White sucker, Rainbow smelt, Common shiner, Fallfish (chub) Golden Shiner, Cusk, Pumkinseed sunfish and American eel.

Principle Fisher: Landlocked salmon, Smallmouth bass, Chain pickerel and largemouth bass. The lake is open to fishing for all fish both summer and winter under general law regulations.

Snowmobilers will now be able to access the lake and it will be so much fun!

My neighbor has just built a fish shack and I look forward to walking out to see it this week.

Living in Cape Monday Cove gives me such a beautiful view of so much that is going on at the lake.