Those of you “from away” might not be as familiar with this as those of us born and bred here, however a normal trip around the sun in these parts contains Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter.. And Mud season. Our fifth season is a very real thing, and it varies in duration in direct correlation with both the amount of snow pack, and the depth of the frost within the ground each Spring.

When this weekend comes to an end, those of us with Monday through Friday employment will be starting our work week in February already, and without jinxing anything, it is very odd that so far, this winter season has been the winter that never was in comparison to most winters in these parts. One of the most bizarre occurrences is the reality that there is supposed to be an ice fishing tournament in a few short weeks at the end of February on Sebago Lake, and as of right now, this weekend, Sebago Lake is still open water. It has just been announced that the organizers of the Sebago ice-fishing derby planned for Feb. 27 and 28 will move it to smaller lakes, if there isn’t enough ice on Sebago by then. And since there is no ice and the daytime temperatures are expected to approach an amazing 50° early in the 1st week of February, ice fishing on Sebago looks very unlikely this season.
It is a most excellent time to be looking at homes, property, lots, and land for sale. You really get to see everything well this time of year, and unlike many seasons, there is excellent access to almost anywhere right now. Planning to spend a day or more with us may be the best thing you’ve done in a very long time for yourself, and for your family.