Here at Anne Plummer & Associates we each value the opportunity to help you first and foremost understand the true value in today’s changing world, of working with a Real Estate Agent that possesses skill, compassion, and valuable knowledge that brings huge value to your Real Estate transaction. It matters that as a buying or selling client you understand the new role we play in today’s very competitive Real Estate market. Our role is to be experts in the minefields and pitfalls of very real liabilities in today’s Real Estate world, that can quickly derail the uninformed, especially with our chosen focus of property expertise here in the great Maine Lakes Region. Waterfront, water view, water access – many with Maine and White Mountain views – these land, and first and second home transactions can have unique challenges, and as a seller and as a buyer, it has never been more important to work with a caring Real Estate professional than today. We will be the first to tell you that the only thing that is certainly guaranteed to happen in any situation, is possible change.. and preparing for the possibilities in every situation has more value today in Real Estate than ever before.
Our goal as Real Estate professionals, is to represent you with the highest level of integrity, trust, and caring as possible. The fact is this: the documented percentage of successful FSBO transactions is at its lowest point in history – 4% between strangers, 4% within families – for some very important reasons: A professional caring and knowledgeable Real Estate Agent has never been more important to have on your side so that you can buy or sell a property in confidence knowing that your current and future liabilities and important assets are as safe and secure as possible. No one likes surprises. Especially surprises that could cost you many thousands of dollars. This region has specific rules and regulations.. setbacks.. easements.. safety rules and regulations that need proper attention before, during, and after a transaction and the value our team’s collective knowledge brings to you, really does matter. One of the only things that is guaranteed in life, is change. It is our job to be on top of the many changes in rules and regulations in our Real Estate market. Let us prove to you the real value we bring everyday to whatever may be the Real Estate need-at-hand. If you call us today, you will be very glad tomorrow, that you did! (207) 693-5200.