Here in the great Sebago Lakes Region of Maine it is now time to really enjoy the leaves turning their various interesting colors, and there are a lot of things that you can get out and do here in the region to add to your leaf-peeping drives. Here’s an example.  Located just east of Gray, Maine at the Pineland complex in New Gloucester, Maine, Pineland Farms has a world-class Corn Maze. They call theirs a “Corn Maize” – and from personal recent experience some might call it a Corn Trap! It is great family fun, and there are maps available to assist you in your search for the Maze Exit.  Plan on a couple of hours for the Maze and delightful other things to see and do. There is the Dairy Barn, the Poultry Barn and Family Fun area – where there are goats, more chickens than you may have seen in a long time, and a great play area and critter petting opportunities.  It’s a great place to enjoy the beautiful scenery and admirable work that the Libra Foundation has done with Pineland Farms. The successful integration of campus businesses and the working Farm is a success story in progress. If you have not been to the Pineland facility in recent years, you will find the working Farm impressive.

Pineland began as the Maine School for the Feeble Minded in 1908 which was then envisioned as a coed residential facility for the mentally disabled and for those with epilepsy, to have a place to reside and the ability to help work the farm giving the facility both structured and productive activities for the residents, also making the facility more self-sufficient. The State of Maine changed the name to be “Pownal State School” in 1925, which in 1957 became the Pineland Hospital and Training Center, with the name shortened in the early 1970’s to simply the Pineland Center. There is much history in our region to learn about, enjoy, and visit within very short drive times. All of us here at Maine Real Estate Choice encourage you to get out and enjoy them if you are blessed to live here, and, to come and visit if you are “from away”. Who knows.. you might want to stay! Or, enjoy a 2nd home, in an area we are very blessed to call home. Make it a great week!