This blog finds us saying goodbye to the month of May and oddly, in saying hello to June, we are also welcoming much cooler and rainy weather in the next few days per the weather forecasts. There will be little sun through Wednesday, which includes some much needed rain. The rain is needed here in the Maine Lakes Region, however it feels like we’re going from May to April.. Not May to June.
There isn’t anything we can do about the consistency of weather in our lives, but there are many things day to day, that we can do about being consistent. Be on time. Keep your word. Plan your work, and work your plan. Do your best. Pay attention to details. Here at Anne Plummer & Associates, consistently providing the best customer service possible is a core value that is very important to each of us. We live is a blessed area where core values still matter to the vast majority of individuals. There are many things and events here in the region that are very consistent. Father’s Day is in 3 weeks on Sunday June 21st. Our hometown of Naples, Maine holds an annual event that is always on Father’s Day Weekend, and it is also consistent in it’s excellence. If you have not ever attended the Maine Blues Festival, we highly recommend that you do! Great music outdoors and inside for 3 days – June 19, 20, and 21 this summer – is consistently excellent and one of the best managed – and attended – festivals anywhere. A simple wristband system gives you access to come and go, and wander from venue to venue to sample dozens of performances – last year there were in excess of 40 different performances from Friday evening through Sunday afternoon. For this year’s details, click here:

For consistency in all of your Real Estate needs: call us today.  You will be glad you did!