Are you Happy? And why am I asking you to ponder this question? It is a question that many professionals suggest that the average human does not ask themselves, often enough. One of the best descriptions I have found of what Is the definition of happiness, goes like this: “Happiness is an approach to life that embraces a willingness to overcome challenges with a smile on your face.”

Some people seem to like their life because it’s going to plan, some feel like – or often act like – they’ve had a raw deal, and others tend to accept whatever fate throws at them day-in, and day-out. No matter how people see things, a positive thing to do is to “look in the mirror” and ask yourself, AM I HAPPY? There are several key factors to a positive response to this question. The major factors revolve around occupation, relationship(s) status, comfort, health, and location. Financial concerns that do factor-in, are rarely at the top of the list because the fact is, money can not buy happiness.

Attitude is everything.

Experts agree that this simple statement goes a long way towards happiness. So does the willingness to Act to change things. Maybe it is to find a new job or acquiring new skills to enable the options for a new job. Do what you love to do and you will never work again, is a statement worth embracing. If you don’t care for something, change it! We here at Anne Plummer & Associates – located in the heart of the Maine Lakes Region on Route 302 in Naples, Maine – love what we what we can do for you and your family: Our team of people have hundreds of years of experience collectively.  Choose our talents to enable your experience to find the perfect “Where” – and sometimes “Why” – questions we all should evaluate periodically. Location DOES matter. When was the last time that you asked yourself and your family, “if you could live anywhere that you wanted to, what would that place look like, where would it be, and why?” The answers you get might surprise you! Let us show you how easy – and effective – finding just the right place to hang your hats each day, can be! Call us today.
You will be glad that you did!