After this weekends Blood Red Moon Eclipse we will find ourselves moving from September into October this upcoming week, with the first tastes of fall now becoming a reality in the region: Cooler nights, crisp air in the mornings, with some of the leaves starting to give us just the first hints of color are now a reality here in the Maine Lakes Region. It looks like a great week to go and enjoy the county fair at the Cumberland Fairgrounds through next weekend. There have been some reports of overnight frost upcountry and one or two nights so far here regionally, and it appears that the time to purchase your home heating oil has rarely been more favorable than now:

The average per gallon price as of this weekend is currently $1.699 which is significantly lower than recent years. According to a regional paper, heating oil prices have plunged at this moment to their lowest levels in six years, with business and homeowners likely to see hundreds of dollars in savings this winter season on their heating bills, especially if rates remain near these levels, which certainly is a hope with zero guarantee . Now is the best time, with warm pleasant daytime temperatures and cool evenings and overnights, to take care and start preparing if you haven’t already, for the upcoming season: Filling that tank now if you can afford to do so, obtaining firewood or wood pellets if you heat or supplement your heating with these methods are all prudent choices for many. Checking your door and window seals, removing or securing your Air Conditioning, and checking your roof, attic, basement, and bulkhead installations and insulations, will help save a lot of heating money this season with the right amount of attention now. The old adage: An Ounce of prevention equals a pound of cure is true, in this case.
We are finding many people thinking about Real Estate changes. If you are too, call us anytime at 207-693-5200. Make it a great week!