Somehow we are all in the month of June this weekend and it is certainly still peak season in our industry here at Maine Real Estate Choice, located in the heart of the Maine Sebago Lakes Region here in Naples, ME on Route 302, directly across from Route 11. The reality with the real estate market for the foreseeable future, is that every season is continuing to be peak season due to high demand exceeding inventory, and it is rare these days for a home, land, waterfront, water view with water access, or Mountain View options to not end up exceeding asking price, due to competing multiple offers often being a reality. If you have any interest in finding out what your property could actually be worth in today’s unique environment, please call us, or better yet stop by today. We would love to meet you and have you meet our staff.  What sets us apart is our people. We are a team of dedicated individuals who each want you to be successful whether you are looking to get top value for your property, or you are seeking that special spot to call yours, either full-time or as a seasonal or weekend getaway spot, we have the people with the experience you need to maximize your success.
Here’s a tip from local weather folks, due to area headlines like this, this week:

What’s Going On? Warmest May In Portland & Record Dry Late Spring

Most yards, plans, and landscaping are literally starving for water compared to normal seasons. The best time to water is early morning pre-Dawn to early morning, and then again early evening to dusk. It’s okay to bucket water shrubs and landscaping as their roots systems can absorb and maintain one-time large waterings, and it’s the lawns that need the morning and early evening consistent waterings to give them a chance to start the season off right, due to the dry month of May that is now just behind us, this weekend. Good luck to all doing yard work, and please make sure that if you or anyone you know are interested in learning the true value of property, or if you are looking for just that special location here in the great Maine Sebago Lakes Region, call us today at (207) 693-5200. Thank you!