Please be careful in our Maine Lakes Region this Saturday afternoon and evening as many young-at-heart Ghouls and Goblins, Witches and Warlocks will be out “Trick Or Treating” so be safe and have great fun this Halloween. When you arrive home, you can proactively change all of your clocks to reflect the correct time as we fall back one hour – technically at 1:59am Sunday Nov. 1st, it becomes 1:00am again – so enjoy your extra hour!  We find this time of year can be very productive for many people. It is a great time to really “see” a property in that most of the leaves have now fallen and you can observe what the seasonal views will look like, really seeing what is there, unobstructed. It is a good idea to look at land, lots and areas of interest on a seasonal basis.   Knowing what you really do not like, is key information.  What you and yours do not care for matters, as oddly – and sometimes sadly – an unexpected “deal breaking issue” can appear for families and prospective buyers and sellers at the “11th or 23rd hour” which we want to help you avoid. So what do you like?  Some people want seclusion and do not want their homes to be seen from the passing road. Others adore neighborhoods, but maybe only where the homes are moderately spaced from each other. Everyone is different. Ask yourself this: If money and immediate family situations were taken completely off your plate: Where exactly would you prefer to be? Why? What type of structure? Waterfront year-round? A secluded property you’ve developed, perhaps? An older home with charm and character, or is it new construction that’s making you excited? In-town? What kind of neighborhood? Close your eyes, think about what is ideal for you  and then ask -> why not?!? Let Anne Plummer & Associates help you to turn your dreams, into reality!