Real Estate – just like many things in history – goes through phases.  New listings have been on the market rarely for shorter periods of time, than now.

At a recent networking event, A commercial broker mentioned to the group that if anyone had any ideas or leads for new inventory, that information is the best possible referral at this time.  The same is true in the residential market.

In a seller’s market, the seller – because of the scarcity of underlying inventory, choices, and options – is able to obtain better conditions for the sale, and usually higher prices, than when there is an abundance of inventory and choices for people to pick from. Right now, there are more buyers than properties to sell within certain demographics. A relative told me yesterday that his doorbell has rung three times in the past 60 days to entertain the question “do you have any interest in selling your home?”

If you have a home, waterfront property, a water or Mountain View location today: do not be surprised if you are asked if you have any interest in selling.  There may not be a better timeframe to obtain a top-dollar offer and we suggest, that a clear plan of “next” has also rarely been more important.

It may be an ideal time to locate your ideal lot and built exactly what you have always wanted.  There are no ‘lack of inventory concerns’ with that choice.  Odds are that if you list your current property soon, that you should be ready for the possibility of going under contract swiftly. If it is time for you to find just the right spot for you, our team has collective years of experience that brings huge value to you here in the Maine Lakes Region. If you need to see your next ideal place to hang your hat, please give us a call at (207) 693-5200 anytime.
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