Here in the great Maine Lakes Region – which is located just a half-hour drive west of the Greater Portland area on route 302 – there is a much to do and experience this time of year! Schools are finishing up,  most have had graduation ceremonies, and the many seasonal summer camps are welcoming their counselor and campers either this last week or next. Kudos to the Windham Summerfest committee, volunteers and participants for a very successful and enjoyable Festival this past weekend and from a first-person account, the fireworks display this year was spectacular.
There are many fireworks displays in the next few days that are scheduled, and here is the State of Maine Link for you to investigate where you might want to go this week, and make sure to search all pages that are available via clicking below:

We hope you will get out and enjoy these wonderful Fireworks displays in the region – and we are quite certain that there is something for everyone to enjoy this Fourth of July early summer Holiday season.

We want to remind everyone that the single most common visits for medical care during the 4th of July Holiday season results from various degrees of burns from Sparkelers first and foremost, followed by too much exposure to the sun without sunscreen.  Thank you for focus on safety and driving defensively with awareness of motorcycles, bicyclists, and pedestrians while enjoying the Maine Lakes Region is appreciated by visitors and year-round residents alike.  Everyone here at Maine Real Estate Choice wants your holiday to be both safe and fun, and for all of your real estate needs, call us if there is a property you would like to see and it is our pleasure to help you maximize your investment if you are considering selling property in the region.  Call us today, you will be glad that you did! (207) 693-5200.