Welcome to a new week and the real estate trends that were made going into 2023 were a lot about the following: The market is slowing down some and seems to be approaching something more normal that what we have experienced in recent years. Home values on a year over year basis are stil rising, however that growth does show signs of slowing these first two months of the year that are now behind us. The remainder of 2023 everyone here at Maine Real Estate Choice, which is physically located in the heart of the Maine lakes region here in Naples, Maine where route 11 meets route 302, wants to assist you with all of your real estate needs. If you are considering selling, the trends per the numbers are indicating that the sooner you are able to being your steps in that direction – hopefully with our team at your side – the less competition from an inventory standpoint that you will have as inventory grows throughout this year.  Of course, every property is different and we look forward to helping you obtain the most for your property while highlighting the huge value your property, and its location, provides.  We will also highlight what sets your property apart from other offerings of similar value here in the region.  If your need is for us to help you locate the best year round, or part-time new property for you and your family, we really look forward to your call so that we can discuss and understand your needs, wants, and desires.  We want clear insight into showing you and and your family, all of the possibilities here in the region.  It is our pleasure to help you obtain any available property at the best possible purchase price, while also helping you with anything that you might need should you be new to our area. 


Thank you and as always, make it a great week!