This fall has been very fair from an unseasonably warm weather perspective. We started this weekend with temperatures Friday in the low 60’s, very rare for the last few days of November.  Just last year at this time we had lasting snow and morning temperatures in the zero to 5 degree range. What a difference a year makes! In speaking with many friends and neighbors, the mild weather has not only kept home heating oil prices very reasonable, many have taken advantage by making extra preparations for winter: Buttoning up windows with caulking, applying interior or exterior plastic film to aid in heat preservation, paint scraping, priming, painting, carpentry, and even ground work is possible due to there being no lasting frozen ground yet.  The “I wonder how much we are all going to pay” sentiment is a mystery that will be solved in the next 90 days. The good news: in less than 100 days it will be March.  The majority of winter will be behind us. And in just 3 weeks, we will be “over the darkness hump” and the days will be getting longer.  This Holiday Season is a very hectic time for most, and it can be a very stressful time for many, as well. Everyone here at Ann Plummer & Associates would like to remind you:  look out for your friends and neighbors, especially at this time of the year, when a simple gesture can often mean the world to others. Helping to push or dig-out a stuck vehicle, snow blowing the bankings from the end of your neighbors driveway too, just because you can, while you are out there.. Simple things at this time of year can have even greater impact than you might ever think.. And the concept that the real gift, is in the giving, is absolutely 100% a true statement when you approach things selflessly with zero anticipation for anything,  in return.  Make it a great week!