It is a traditional time for hope here as we officially welcome spring this coming Tuesday the 21st.

Hope Springs Eternal!

For our many friends in the greater Portland region the only remaining snow seems to be the piled-up kind, located in the large parking lots.  Here in our great Maine Sebago Lakes Region, where ever the sun gets a chance to reach the earth and your yard, there is very little, if any snow that has a chance these days.  The snow pack here is however still significant in the woods and where the sun does not get a chance to do it’s magic during the longer and longer days that we are now enjoying.  It is remaining light outside well into the early evening now, as we are reaching the halfway point this week towards the longest day of the year on June 21st, from the shortest day of the year that we had on Dec 21st.
As to the failure of a banking institution in the Silicone Valley area of California, and another bank last week:  These events appear to be very unique, regionalized, and how may this affect our real estate industry? First and foremost the vast majority of banking and our credit union systems are strong and stable. There has been discussion that these events could affect how the Fed will choose to move forward with interest rates, so stay tuned with much speculation being that rates could now stay the same as they have been, for the immediate future. This will of course also affect Mortgage rates, so keep an eye on mortgage product offerings as we move quickly into what is typically the beginning of the strongest seasons of the year for real estate.
And remember:  Now is the time to explore and see potential new properties, before the leaves and foliage begin to block what we do see, half of the year.
Give us a call today for all of your Real Estate needs – you will be glad that you did – and make it a great week!