There are few things in life that are guaranteed. We have all heard “Death” and “Taxes”.. and there is one thing that I have learned which I suggest is a huge key to being able to embrace life each day and face whatever you may find yourself presented with: Life really is about how you choose to deal with “whatever happens next” – and making good choices.
Fact: Almost nothing in life is guaranteed.
Our health and the health of our families and friends, people’s employment, mechanical issues with vehicles, machines, appliances, office equipment: Many things happen unexpectedly and how we choose to react is key towards success, happiness, and reducing stress: Your own, and the stress levels of those around you.
Fact: We can only control what we can control. Be the best at what you are doing and tackle whatever is facing you “next” with the most sincere “attitude of gratitude” that you can.
Fact: Things most often could be so much worse. Perspective matters. Finding a point of perspective – and knowing when you need to – with the ability to pause, “take a breath” before you react and act, is helpful to everyone.
Fact: Less is More. Brevity, clarity, and good communication skills will help to achieve more each day, increase personal and professional productivity.. and those around you will appreciate if you can do this with a smile, and with sincere gratitude.
Fact: Sincerity matters.
Fact: Being on time matters!
Fact: Doing what you say you are going to do, matters.
The above 3 facts are about respect.
And eliminating perceived disrespect.
We can all find ourselves busy and spread thin. Communicate clearly. And everything mentioned above, could not be more important when selecting a Real Estate Agent and Company. With today’s online tools your interactions with dedicated Real Estate Agents like us are different. Finding available properties, amenities, land, has never been easier for individuals. Our job is to help you navigate – specifically here in the great Maine Lakes Region, the many pitfalls that can happen towards a Real Estate purchase or sale. Our role – the role of the Real Estate Agent for buyer or seller – has never been more important. There are some who say “why pay an agent?” when there is FSBO – For Sale By Owner. Because it has never been more important to protect your investments and liabilities on both sides of a transaction.
Do your research: The owners of the two largest FSBO companies in the USA both employed Real Estate Agents in their most recent personal and professional transactions. There are many reasons for this, that we would like to explain to you. Give us a call today. You will be very glad, that you did!!