As we sit today, right in the very middle of September, here are some area events to remember that are coming right up here in the Great Maine Sebago Lakes Region:

This Sunday the 17th starts the Farmington Fair, and there is a unique fair that also takes place each year in Unity Maine – The Common Ground Fair – which is also happening from the 22nd through the 24th this next weekend. This next weekend also begins – here in Cumberland County – the Cumberland Fair, starting on September 24th running through the following weekend. We urge you to get out and enjoy the excellent weather we are being blessed with here in the Maine Sebago Lakes Region these days, as in years past we have had many a frost warning at night by this time, with none immediately on the horizon, yet this year. Here is the link for those interested in either of these upcoming fairs, and you will also find information on what many call the ‘Fair Of All Fairs’ in this region every year – The Fryberg Fair – which wraps up Fair season here in Maine, this year starting in early October. Here is the link for your convenience and planning:

Another event here in the region that is “Always the last Saturday in September” being one of their reminders, it will be very helpful if you like beer, or you want to learn more about brewing beer, or you enjoy great food, you will want to consider making plans and heading to Point Sebago in Casco, Maine. Here is the link with all of the details for this year’s 14th annual Maine Lakes Brewfest that happens this year on Saturday, September 30th:

This is the time of year for many to prepare to remove their boats and watercraft for seasonal storage, and though packing up camp and getting things ready for the fall and winter seasons is a reality for many – with back to school now a couple of weeks gone by – our recent Indian Summer has many hanging on to this summer’s season as long as the delightful weather might continue. If this happens to be time when you are considering testing the waters when it comes to selling property, or maybe you are considering changing summer lakefront, waterfront, or mountain-view locations here in the Maine Sebago Lakes Region, now really is prime time to do so while many are looking either for a change, or for just that right spot for them with the total available inventory still being a challenge for the Real Estate Industry in general. Whether you are selling or looking for just that ideal spot for you, not only do we really listen as an Agency and as individual agents, but we have valuable tenure, unparalleled experience, and valuable resources that we have put together working here in the region for years, that will significantly benefit you whether you are looking for powerful representation as a buyer, or as a seller. There are many new things that need to be considered in today’s Real Estate market that point to the real need and huge value that you will enjoy, with having the right Real Estate representation at your side. Do your own research on those in the industry who own the For Sale By Owner franchises that are out there. Did they perform their own personal Real Estate Transactions themselves? I expect you can tell by the question, as to what you will find for interesting answers to the question – and the reasons are many, and they are more important now, than ever before. Facts Matter. Statistics Matter. Knowing the ins and outs and the complexities of today’s Real Estate transactions, matters. And we will share our expertise with you so that you will really understand the importance of selecting the best representation for you.  Thank you for calling us here at Maine Real Estate Choice.  Our goal is to make sure that you will be very glad, that you did.