We expect conversation around many water coolers and amongst friends and family are similar this week, in that it seems universally surprising that next weekend is already Memorial Day weekend. There are many indicators here in the Maine Lakes Region that point to summers fast approach. Mud season is behind us, many were awakened just after midnight due to thunder with lots of lightning rolling through Saturday night. The Day Lillys are already knee high – does any regional plant grow faster than Day Lillys? – the Forsythia is in full yellow bloom or almost there, all the tree buds are happening – everything now is getting really green, and a sure sigh around here is that the Songo Queen is out of winter storage and back at her Long Lake berth on the Naples Causeway. Also, who hasn’t mowed their lawn yet? Those who haven’t are really starting to show.  Other area signs of life are Ricks Cafe is preparing for the season, Merced’s and the marina’s in the area are reaching peak activity, teaming with visitors and customers as individual property owners open up their non-year-round waterfront, water access, and water view properties here in the region. We are seeing many sail and power boats on area waterways, in addition to Long Lake there is Brandy Pond as you duck under the Naples Causeway bridge southbound, and Sebago Lake which you can easily continue to access via the connecting waterways through the Songo locks, that delightfully surround us here at Anne Plumber & Associates. It’s a busy time of year, and there is a buzz as to how Memorial Day seems to have come out of nowhere.  Quick research suggests here is a reasonable explanation for this. The holiday this year happens to fall on the earliest Monday possible on the calendar, since the decree in 1971 was written that declares Memorial day will fall on the last Monday in May. A simple look at the calendar shows that the Holiday could not come any earlier than it does this year.  Enjoy!