We talk a lot about why our great Maine Sebago Lakes region has become the wonderful place that it is, either full-time or seasonally, and we would like you to know in this week’s blog why you should choose Maine Real Estate Choice for all of your real estate needs.

One of the most important best practices, is to always employ a real estate professional for any real estate need that you may have.
Here are some additional best practices, that matter:

We use technology to streamline processes and to help make your experience working with us a positive one. We pride ourselves in the use of statistics that we maintain, to provide facts and determinations so that we can provide them to you, and to all of our valuable clients.

In today’s world it does matter to understand sustainability, which includes passive solar, active solar, construction materials, and green building practices which are important. Seeking and providing this information helps everyone.

To give you the best possible experience we collaborate with many other professionals in our industry here in the region, including home inspection professionals, appraisers, contractors, and mortgage brokers to help ensure smooth and efficient transactions. The only reason we are all here, is to continue to satisfy you and each of our clients.  There is no better way to generate valuable future referrals, than to provide consistently excellent customer service on every transaction, one valuable client at a time. 

Also most importantly:  We want you have an honest, easy, and professional experience working with us which includes total transparency in fees, commissions, and all things related to the sale, or, to your purchase process. Integrity absolutely matters!

Make sure that the real estate professionals that you choose to work with, employ best practices.  This is important to every one of us here at Maine Real Estate Choice, and we would like to work with you.

Give us a call. Give us a try. And make it a great week!  
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