We talk often about “why now”? A Sellers Market. Lowest interest rates expected in our lifetimes. The true beauty and real grace that our Maine Lakes Region natural environment provides us day-to-day. Those realities don’t hurt.. but here is the only reason that matters: Time. How much time do you and yours have left to really enjoy your life? This week ahead will be filled with visiting family, getting together, sharing important family time with those we love and do not see nearly enough of, in our lives: If, we are lucky..

I wrote this note to a friend I see rarely these days. Please read this, reflect on what is really most important to you.. and then call us to explain what is really important for you to enjoy, so that we can work with you to help make that happen..

Thanks to a Friend:
I am thankful for the digital glimpses of the strong roots that a caring dedicated person like yourself, evolved from. Having lost my Dad last year, your moment brings me real pause for you and yours.. and I am so very, very sorry for your loss. All my best to you and your family at this difficult time.
And may my sharing this, be mutually comforting:
The heartaches will not get much easier.. the intervals of grief coupled with true thankfulness, will vary.. and the grief and pain will indeed morph to a more consistent and growing true thankfulness in your hearts, of a life-well-lived.. and even though the dawn light, the bright noonday sun, and the twilight that hits the mason jar full of your precious coins will have you seeing things differently at different times, I can assure you with comfort and peace, that those specific coins you will seek, pick up often, and caress.. they will always be bright, vivid, easy to access, readily available, and increasingly treasured, even in the pitch darkness of the stormiest nights that you will encounter going forward. Even if you have to pick them up one by one, and place them no matter how many times, in a different, unshattered Bell Jar, as you move forward.. you will do so with thanks.
My most important perspective to share with you is that it will not ever be possible for me to somehow ever repay you, for what you – just by being you at _______ – provided quietly to me and so many others around me (and sometimes not so quietly, lol..:) such comfort, smiling confident “life is worth living” moments and sharing positive lessons often just-by-smiling-example.. so please know that the value that you have graced me with personally, first as a caregiver and now as a valued friend, is a priceless, and rarely discussed reality in my very lucky-to-be-here life. A key reason that you will always be one of the most personally treasured, bright, shiny, vibrant, weighted-with-importance (and understood-by-few in my life..) coins in my jar, is due in part to the gifts and blessings you’ve received from your great roots. There is nothing more important in this life than the real value of having made an important impact in a positive way on another persons life. Those of us blessed with good roots, are indeed blessed.
You and your family may feel flooded and possibly overwhelmed, with so many shared moments in the days and weeks to come..
May your many treasured moments bring you and yours only comfort, and increased peace.

Fact: Each of us has only so much time, and every moment is precious. Are you in your dream home? Do you live in your absolute ideal location? Unless you just responded with two quick “yes” answers: Trust us when we remind you that life is WAY too short to not spend it and live it optimally. Call us today. We’ll listen and help you make your dream, a reality!