We hope that you had a great time on this Thanksgiving Holiday with family and friends.  Many of us will be headed back to work on Monday, hopefully after a few days off.

Lots of shopping was proposed and prompted by retail establishments this past week which included Black Friday. Over 40 years ago someone with a clever retail idea decided to spread misinformation which took hold.  The term “Black Friday” was advertised to signify a positive flip in retail sales, which grew nationwide in the 1980’s when Retail merchants started to spread the red-to-black profit narrative. Black Friday was described as the day that Retail stores began to turn a profit for the year, and started to push and boast it as the biggest shopping day in the United States, when their profits would turn from “being in the Red”, to turning a profit.  In truth, most stores up to that time had seen their largest sales on the Saturday before Christmas, and businesses in reality need to be profitable consistently, to be viable. And though not true, many to this day still believe this “Black Friday” narrative.

Many of us return to a weekday work schedule on Monday.  Employers may consider managing their workers differently on Monday, due to the same type of hype for Online shopping with this being “Cyber Monday”.  So many people have internet access “in their hands or pockets” 24 x 7 x 365 these days so the concept of “being able to shop on a solid fast Internet connection only happens at Work” has vastly changed for most.  However, many merchants with an Online shopping focus certainly push “Today Only” cyber Online shopping deals onto Cyber Monday, to further heighten and attract new sales.

The growth of the Internet has vastly changed our lives in many different ways.  Our ability as Realtors to best Market and Sell your current home or property, indeed has changed with photo and video technology. So has our ability to filter your searching desires and needs much more selectively to your Must Haves while considering your Definitely Nots.  And you would not be reminded right now that you have the awesome opportunity to reach out to one of our expert Realtors here at Maine Real Estate Choice in Naples, Maine, if you were not reading this Blog and gathering valuable information (here on the Internet) right now.

  With many people focusing on other things this time of the year, we highly suggest that your decision to give us a call and work with us now, is indeed a very wise choice whether you want to purchase or sell.  We have unmatched experience with a true customer service focus here at Maine Real Estate Choice, and we want to prove that to you in person.

Make it a good week, and a great start to your December 2022.   Call us Today!