With any outside chores requiring daylight needing to be done by 4:30pm these days, and with Thanksgiving now somehow behind us, we have only three more full weeks ahead of us before the days start getting longer after December 21st. We also have been blessed so far this fall here in the Maine Sebago Lakes Region to only have experienced a few flakes here and there with nothing sticking and lasting as of yet. Mornings here in the region have been consistently colder with frequent frost, however, daytime temperatures have been seasonably warm. Those same relatively mild temperatures should continue through the first of the December later this week and into next weekend, predicted to be in the 40s and approaching 50° a couple of days. We do recommend that now is the best time, if you have not done so already, to make sure that your snowblowers are tuned up and at the ready, and that now is the time to also prepare any winter toys for use this coming winter season. Avoiding the first-snow-that-sticks rush, will save both time and aggravation in getting things prepared for the winter season ahead. It is not too early for snow tires now, and a small amount of preventative automotive maintenance now is likely to help you a lot when you might need it most.
Our team here at Maine Real Estate Choice hopes you had a great Thanksgiving holiday, and please be and remain safe as we continue the Holiday celebrations including welcoming the New Year.
Make it a great week!