Everyone here at Maine Real Estate Choice hopes that you are enjoying your Spring weather, wherever you may be located as you read this.
  And if you are not enjoying your weather, maybe you should own your very own getaway vacation property here in the Maine Sebago Lakes region!
Here are some great reasons!
> Enjoy Tax And Investment Advantages.
We always recommend that you consult with your tax advisor, as to the many advantages you can enjoy by investing in something that is yours to use – and is yours also to rent out – and should you want to do that, there are many agencies and services here in the region to assist you with renting your property.
> Enjoy Guaranteed Accommodations
You will know each and every visit exactly what you are getting because you picked it out, just for you and your family!
> Enjoy Exchange Opportunities
When you own an exciting property that you love, there are many programs that are available to “trade time” with others who also enjoy their properties! To keep things fresh you can trade your delightful offering in exchange for visiting someplace different, also comfortably, that is new to you!
> Spend Less Time Packing
With this being a spot that is yours, you will not need to pre-plan your packing nearly as much making your ability to just “get away” that much easier.
> The Comfort Of Knowing What To Expect
Many of us are not huge adventure seekers and tend to thrive on understanding and knowing exactly what ther are getting when they “get away”.  Investing in, and really enjoying your own getaway spot, has many advantages, especially for those who gain great comfort in knowing exactly what they are getting, when they get there!
These are just some of the many reasons to give us a call, so that you, too, can enjoy our region consistently, whenever you decide to get away for a bit.. or for a bit longer.
   Make it a great week!